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How to Choose a Secure Password

About Passwords

Your password is the only way a computer can verify that the person using your account is really you. Anyone who can enter your password can access your account as if they were you -- perusing your private data, reading your electronic mail, altering or destroying your files, or performing illegal activities in your name.

Think of your password as a key: telling someone your password is like giving them a copy of the keys to your house. Having an insecure password is like leaving your front door unlocked, and in the electronic world malicious people are trying your doorknob every day. Choosing a secure password lets you protect your data and software as vigilantly as you would your tangible belongings.

Never Tell Anyone Your Password

You should never give your password to anyone else. Anyone who knows your password may perform acts using your account that you may be blamed for.

Password Requirements

Additionally, for staff or honorary staff of the University,

Password Guidelines

In addition to the technical requirements of the password outlined above, obeying the following guidelines when choosing a password will guard against someone finding out your password and using your account illegally.



Choosing a Secure Password

Try the following techniques for choosing a secure password.

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